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Discover all our specific machines for the insulation field: from production to packaging of boards.

Tailor-made machines for high speed production

Our facilities produce accurate boards : diagonal saw, flying saw, flying knife, haul off, conveying, cooling, thermobonding, planer units, groover units, profiling, belt & vaccum transport, middle cut, bundle staking, packaging, etc. 

We integrate on your production lines all the production machines necessary for the good manufacture of your insulation panels and blocks. You will find and can discover all our production machines below:

insulation production machines


Longitudinal pre-edging


Surface processing

Longitudinal profiling

Cross profiling

Bundle staking

Packaging (bundle)


Pallet Stretching

11.1 Thermobonding - insulation production machines

Thermobonding (In Development)

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Insulation production machines

Specialized for more than 40 years in the production and handling of panels, the Schermesser Group provides its customers with all the machines needed on an insulation panel production line. Discover all our know-how in the field of insulation production machines.

Our engineering department designs different types of custom-made production lines depending on the desired final insulation board. We manufacture production solutions for XPS, EPS, PUR-PIR, PET and bio-sourced panels. Depending on the types of layers and foams of your products, the machining equipment integrated on your lines is adapted to the type of cutting, grooving, or any other process that you perform on your panels.

We manufacture industrial machines for insulation panel manufacturers. We can integrate your sawing, cutting, milling, profiling, cooling, stacking, palletizing, packaging, … Schermesser’s insulation machines for sale are all designed for a specific customer need.

Insulation machine for sale

In order to realize efficient industrial production stations to produce your insulation panels, we study your needs and your production environment precisely. The industrial handling lines and solutions for the production of insulating panels are integrated all along the different workstations to produce the panels. Our insulation machines for sale are create depending on the nature of the board, the foam or the processed block, we integrate adapted conveying solutions. Indeed, some foams are more solid, resistant, or robust than others, so the nature of the conveyors can be modified during the different stages of processing and production of your insulating panels. We integrate belt, roller or even chain conveyor solutions when the panels are stacked on pallets during the packaging or shipping stages.

Thanks to an efficient and adapted conveying system, the panels and blocks pass through the various workstations at the desired rate. Depending on the weight, the desired handling speed or the rigidity of the insulation solution, we adapt the production process. Our insulation production machines are fully automated in order to improve the performance of our customers’ industrial production.

About insulation machine

Discover all our handling and production lines for insulating panels according to the nature of the panel, the foam or the insulating block. We realize production lines of different natures, production lines of foam panels: XPS, EPS, PUR-PIR, or PET. But we do not only produce foam insulation boards, we also produce and supply manufacturers of bio-sourced block panels. These are solutions made from natural products. We study and manufacture industrial production solutions for producers of wood fiber panels, glass wool, glass stone, etc.

We integrate panel sawing machines, the 1st crosscut with solutions such as diagonal saw / flying saw or knife. We also integrate longitudinal pre-edging systems on your lines by integrating a haul-off system with hogging tools to process your panels very precisely. If necessary, we integrate on your lines a cooling solution, depending on your warehouse and your production environment we can integrate on your line a cooling tower if there is space in height, we can also integrate a horizontal cooling device if this space in height is not available. In these two situations we propose a paternoster solution. Then we also integrate surface processing machines on your industrial production line of insulating panels. We manufacture planer units, groover units and steaker units for the surface treatment of insulation panels of any kind.

Handling and packaging solutions

We also integrate profiling steps into your production line. At Schermesser, we are able to provide you with a longitudinal profiling solution for your insulation boards. Depending on your needs, we can integrate a technical solution for transporting the panels by belt and by suction on your production line. We can also integrate a middle cut, which is optional if you need to cut the panel at this stage of the process. We can set up this same solution for the cross profiling of your panel with the same options.

As you can see, we are a manufacturer and supplier of insulation production machine which can supply a complete line for your need of production.

At Schermesser, we also integrate handling and packaging solutions for your insulation boards at the end of the production line. Insulation board production machines are integrated into a global production line for insulation boards or blocks, where handling and palletizing machines can be integrated at the end of the production line to prepare the goods for storage and shipment.

Schermesser has become, year after year, the specialist in the production of panels and flat products, including those for insulation. Do not hesitate to contact us for any project of manufacturing and installation of production line of insulation panels.

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The Schermesser Group doesn’t only manufacture insulation production machines. It also manufactures other panel production machines for the wood and steel industries.