Diagonal saw - Flying saw or knife

1st cross-cut solution

Schermesser insulation allows you to integrate high speed and automated cutting systems into your insulation board production line. We supply our customers with cutting systems for projects, for the integration of a new machine into an existing line or for the replacement of an old machine. 

With these machines the flying crosscut saw cuts the boards that are transported on the conveyors. This allows a precise and automated cutting on a continuous production line.

We design and configure custom-made saws systems to integrate it in the line process. So, we adapt the diagonal saw, the flying saw or the flying knife depending on your needs and the boards you produce. Many adjustments are adapted, like the working width, and the saw band speed depending on the type of panel/boards manufactured.

1st Cross-cut: Diagonal saw / Flying saw or flying knif


Cutting of insulation panels

insulation production machines
Flying saw - knife

Cutting of insulation panels

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