Production lines for insulating panels

The production lines for insulating panels we produce are equipped with handling machines but also with production machines. We integrate machines adapted for the production of XPS, EPS, PUR/PIR, PET and also products in the form of blocks like bio-sourced insulation products. Whatever insulation products you want to produce, we integrate different types of machines on your production line: cross-cut, haul off, cooling, planer & groover units, steaker units, profiling, bundle stacking and all machine to do the packaging of boards. 

We support you throughout the entire life cycle of your project. From the design stage to the start-up of your production line, our Schermesser team organizes all the necessary steps for the smooth running of the project. 

XPS Production lines for insulating panels

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We integrate on your production line for insulating panels all the machines necessary for the good manufacture of your insulation boards. 

Our production lines for insulation panels

Thanks to our design office, we are able to offer our customers production lines that are totally customized and adapted to the desired final product. The vast majority of machines are applicable regardless of the insulation board you produce, for example sawing systems and packaging systems for insulation boards at the end of production. 


XPS line

The XPS lines are equipped with transport and machining devices.


PUR/PIR line

We also realize lines with adapted machines for the production of PUR/PIR panels.


PET line

The lines for PET panels are adapted to produce thinner products with a lower density than other types of boards. 


Mineral Line

The machines integrated on these production lines work for the application of panels in ecological and mineral materials. 

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